2024-07-01 – Removal of the status page API version 1 and "legacy" branches

This article was updated on 2024-07-02, as Faunerie's Rust rewrite has been cancelled for the time being.

We will be removing access to the status page API version 1 as well as the "legacy" branches of some of our recently rewritten projects on July 7th.

Removal of status page API version 1

Applications that are still using the status page API version 1 will stop working after the removal. You can migrate to the API version 2 right now to avoid any inconvenience.

We have written instructions about how to migrate, but if your application is only using the code and ping values, it should keep working without any changes on version 2, so you just have to change the URL.

Removal of the "legacy" branches

As stated in our 2024 progress report, some of our projects have been rewritten in Rust for better reliability and efficiency, and some are to be rewritten at the time. We have kept the previous source code for legacy purposes on a branch named "legacy".

We will remove "legacy" branches for wishing-star, status and autopush; which have a Rust rewrite known to be stable, production-ready and with the same level of functionality as their JavaScript counterparts. The old code will still remain available in the Git history but will not receive any support, security updates or guarantees from this point forward.

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